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Let’s make digital advertising accessible to all.

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We’re Aleph, a global company with a simple, human mission: To make the world of digital advertising accessible to everyone.

As a business, we get tens of thousands of advertisers up and running on global digital platforms.

As industry leaders, we believe it’s our responsibility to educate people to become digital experts so all economies are equipped to rise.

With education comes opportunity.

That’s why Aleph created Digital Ad Expert, a social initiative, and launched the platform to provide digital advertising education for all.

Through strategic alliances with IGOs, NGOs, universities, governments and the private sector, we offer this totally free, skills-based education platform to more students at more scale.

Our free program gives students the tools they need to succeed

We created Digital Ad Expert, to offer free training in digital marketing and advertising, because we believe everyone has the right to digital education. This program is our way of giving back and making sure present and future professionals are prepared to take on the digital industry. Together, we can bridge the digital skills gap around the world.

Benefits for allies


Access free training for the community


Contribute to global economic growth by supporting digital education for all


Strengthen the global digital workforce one enrollment at a time


Bring industry experts into your organizations and institutions

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Our current alliances

NGO, IGO & Associations

Governments, Universities & private companies

Our impact

Benefits for students

Free, in-depth, online digital training through live classes or self-paced version.

Learn how to use the latest industry tools and platforms: X (Twitter), TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Meta, Google, Spotify

Access our global community and industry network

Get connected with companies and in-demand jobs around the world

Professional Development and Employability

We want to continue supporting our students so that they grow not only through education but also through employment

Success stories

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Some FAQs

  • At Aleph, we believe learning is a lifelong pursuit that always pays off. When the next generation up-skills, we all advance.

    That’s why Aleph is offering a free digital education to the present and future professionals who will drive our industry forward. With Digital Ad Expert by Aleph, students will access the latest industry tools to become experts on the world's leading digital ad platforms.

  • As a leading global tech company, we feel we have a responsibility to educate present and future professionals as a way to move the industry forward together with our partners. When you join us, you get access to a program developed by real-world industry experts with leading global platforms, and students work on real-world case studies to prepare them for success in the digital industry.

  • When you join forces with us, you’re enhancing the skills of our students and providing them with new opportunities. We need nothing from you in return!

    If you have students enrolled in Digital Ad Expert by Aleph, you may want to consider checking in with their progress and hearing what more they have to offer after becoming certified.

  • Digital AdExpert by Aleph provides students with cutting-edge digital marketing tools and free certification to help them become experts in digital advertising. Students can build their digital marketing skills and take their strategies to the next level by working with our major partners (Snapchat, TikTok, Spotify, Instagram, X, and Meta) and with access to industry experts.

Join us on our mission to up-skill the world’s digital workforce so more economies can thrive.


Available globally, Digital Ad Expert is a totally-free, skills-based education platform designed by digital advertising experts. At a national level, Digital Ad Expert is helping local communities access the skills needed to unlock the rapidly increasing economic opportunities available through digital advertising. Meanwhile, at a global level, it is primarily fueling long-term, digitally driven growth for emerging economies.